Program Planning Tips

If you are a major or concentrator please use these tips to help you plan your program.

1. Review Major 要求

该 requirements for your program are described on the 学位要求 page

2。 Use Major Requirement Checklists

Fill out the appropriate 清单

502 Bad Gateway

3。 Study Psychology Course Offerings

当然指数 502 Bad Gateway Year-at-a-Glance table provides an overview of the courses offered in the current academic year. 该 Week-at-a-Glance schedules can help you find courses that will work with your schedule.

4.使用在线 类目录 

该 Psychology course listings in the 类目录 are updated by the Registrar's office regularly to reflect course details, including any changes in room assignments. 

5. Note Prerequisites and Permissions

to doing so. 学院 contact information and office hours are found on the 教师页.

CAUTION: the fact that you are allowed to register for a Barnard class does not mean you have been admitted to the class; class rosters must often be reduced after the first class meeting. 

6. Specific Recommendations:

  • STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: Complete statistics (PSYC 1610) and research methods (PSYC 14xx) requirements, in that order, by Fall of junior year.
  • Consult online syllabi before selecting your courses.
  • Register at your first opportunity; some courses will close out early.
  • Participate in research as early and as much as you can.
  • 申请 荣誉计划 in Spring of sophomore year. Deadline will be in May.
  • Take seminar prerequisites and request instructor permission early, to joining seminar waitlists.


7。 Consult a 学院 or Peer Advisor 

你的 指导老师